Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Camping

Last weekend we enjoyed a night camping at Lake Sommerville. The spring weather was wonderful and the wildflowers were abundant and vibrant. I didn't want to leave. I enjoy simple life without connection to the outside world. It was a nice little escape with lots of play time. The kids are getting really good at throwing a frisbee. I love my family. :)

I'll have to break this post up into two parts. These are just cell phone pictures. I haven't uploaded from my camera yet.

 photo IMG_20130413_170522.jpg
The drive wasn't too long but they crashed on the way.  The quiet was nice.

 photo IMG_20130413_143802.jpg
Our family tent

 photo IMG_20130413_143621.jpg
I forgot to charge to my camera battery.  I was glad we had electricity.

 photo IMG_20130413_170735.jpg
It was nice to look around at the other campsites and see so many campfires.  

 photo IMG_20130413_170601.jpg
Our fishing attempt.  I'll write more when I have the camera pictures.

 photo IMG_20130413_170435.jpg
Nick, our little companion. 

 photo IMG_20130413_170337.jpg
Show me your muscles!

 photo IMG_20130413_170204.jpg
Precious girl

 photo IMG_20130413_144213.jpg
The red blur is a red cardinal pecking our car window.  The bird started on the back window where Dom's angry bird pillow was sitting.

 photo IMG_20130412_193431.jpg
Trin in some wildflowers

 photo IMG_20130412_180548.jpg
He's always picking me flowers.  Such a sweetie.

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