Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Non-Profit Organization

Hello all,
We have recently...finally...set up our own non-profit 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization. The name is offically "A Burning and Shining Lamp". It's offical...kinda neat for us, it's a step in a direction that we've desired to go for a while now but we're actually taking it now. We don't know how the Lord is going to use it regarding the big picture but both Stacy and I felt it was where the Lord was leading us.
Regarding any financial giving, I just spoke with the New Hope treasurer yesterday and she told me it would be infinitely easier to send all donations through our non-profit rather than going through New Hope Church. It becomes very complicated with the IRS...but if everything goes through "A Burning and Shining Lamp" then it is actually more simple. We'll be including all this info in our next newsletter, but if you are praying about giving financially to the ministry please make any checks out to "A Burning and Shining Lamp" NOT "New Hope Church". The address to send donations is still: The Johnson Family P.O. Box 14 Kyle, TX 78640.
Also, we'll be heading to Dallas again this weekend to help lead the music at a youth conference in Plano. It's exciting because it is a small door to express the music the Lord has placed on our hearts. Pray that God will be abundantly glorified in these things! Praise God for His faithfulness!


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