Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Update

We are seeing things unfold that are pretty excititing. The Lord has given me and Stacy a neat position to speak edification in the local church here. We are able to share our heart regarding many things but specifically the prayer ministry and the hopeful tangible development of it. Continue to pray that God would provide a unified vision among the leadership as God unfolds His plan for this Church. We were able to lead the College group last Wednesday night and that was wonderful. We spoke about Psalm 51, our sin, and redemption on a basic but profound way. The group is very beginner oriented but hungry for the Word as well.
Regarding the last post on 'outreach opportunities' we have communicated some ideas and they were recieved well. Everyone seems to be excited about the 'freshness' of what God is doing in the Church accross the board. Also, we'll hopefully begin to intentionally hang out with other couples in the Church to build fellowship here very soon. Praise God because He has called us to prayer, He answers prayer and goes before us - He prepares the way! Keep praying and we'll keep sharing the fruit of what is happening.

In love,
The Johnson Family

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