Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ministry Update

Hello all,
Here's the new development in 'what' has happened thus far in this faith journey. We have been seeking the Lord's leading in how to be involved in the Church here in Austin and a few doors have opened to us. We are in prayer over them to seek the Lord's direction on these matters. First, we were asked to develop quarterly outreach events to focus on connecting New Hope with the communtiy surrounding it. The desire is not necessarily to grow the church in numbers but rather live out, regardless of what happens, the calling to preach Love to all people. We're tossing around ideas and one is to combine some of the already existing events in the field behind the Church and add an element of intentional evangelsim. Although the events are one day occurances, we can use the months prior to them as opportunities to create intentional, focused, and purposeful prayer among the congregation. You too can labor in prayer for effectiveness on these events. Another idea is that we can develop service teams to go throughout the community and help in any way that these neighborhood people might need, i.e. random fix up projects/cleaning and such. This event would open more opportunities for intentional prayer. That by serving these people it would open hearts to hear God's Love because they've seen an effort to love them unconditionally.
Also, we've been asked to develop a ministry to 'young married couples'. It will start up as a gathering of just a few but it is a wonderful opporutnity to encourage those who have just jumped into marriage.
Please pray for these things as the Lord leads you. We covet your prayers and desire for God's covering to be always upon us! Praise God for a few breakthroughs on some tangible things as we move forward by faith.


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Kelly said...

I'm excited to hear more about the young married couples group. Joel and I joined a group like that at our church, and we are loving it. I'm glad you guys are starting something like that! You have a lot to offer young married couples :o) Hope all is well, we miss you!