Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Season Begins

My beautiful wife has already posted the first entry and beat me to it! Oh well. We've finished packing almost all the newsletters for this month and hope to get them out first thing next week (i.e. Monday October 20th). We're pretty excited about this because we've transitioned our devotional section into audio format and we've included a few songs! Yeah that's right, the Lord has been birthing songs in our heart over the past year and a half and we found a low-end digital recorder (not bad at all) to lay out some of these songs. Many are encouraging words and others we feel are deep messages that will hopefully intrigue you to meditate on the things of God by listening to them. So watch out in the near future for an actual "CD" that will be available! And I praise God for giving me such a supportive wife while I spend so much energy working all this out. The Lord has blessed me beyond all I could imagine.
Also, we continue to ask for you to pray as God is opening some very interesting paths before us regarding ministering to young people. We hope to know some sort of plan very shortly. But we desperately need prayer so that we do not enter into our own ways and forsake the Lord's.
Give us feedback on the newsletter when you recieve it. We pray the Lord will give you great insight and wisdom in your life as you pursue Him. Peace in Christ.

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